Our Services


Bedrooms get a full dusting on furniture, moving objects to get underneath and put back in its original spot. Window ledges and baseboards are also cleaned. Door and frames are wiped. Then the room is finished with a full vacuuming .

Living Room

Room is fully dusted,  cleared of cobwebs. Cushions (if any) are straightened and placed neatly on the couch. picture frames are dusted, window ledges and sliding doors (if any ) get cleaned. Floor is vacuumed and mopped and baseboards.  If floor is fully rugged it gets vacuumed.

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchens get a full wipe down from appliances to cupboards. Microwaves gets wiped inside and out. Back splash gets wiped and all counter tops. Sinks get cleaned and shined with the chrome. Front of the fridge and top of the stove gets cleaned ( if stainless Steele it gets polished). Floors are vacuumed and mopped.

Bathroom Cleaning

We clean and sanitize every bathroom top to bottom. We clean the bathroom tiles, bathtub, sink,  inside and outside of the toilet and shine the chrome and mirrors. We wipe the light fixtures for finger marks and vacuum and wash the floor. Baseboards as well. We fold and neatly hang the towels.

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