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Discover The Magic Of Professional House Cleaning Service In Oshawa

Squeeky Clean cleaning service is unique compared to others in Oshawa. We give a personalized touch as we understand the importance of having a clean home. Our team is trained to go inside a home and clean it from floor to ceiling without missing a thing. Consistency is our pride and we maintain the quality of our maid service every time.

If you are looking for budget-friendly house cleaning, Squeeky Clean Cleaning service in Oshawa should be your first choice. We can provide complete house cleaning service or separately we can provide living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom cleaning. Once you book an appointment with us, we will be at your home at the right time and clean your house as you require it.

Easy Booking

Easy Booking

You can easily book an appointment with us with just a call or online on our website.

Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Results

We show guaranteed results and satisfy our clients with each of our cleaning tasks.

Loyalty to Clients

Loyalty to Clients

All our clients have our full loyalty and we give the best service for house cleaning.

Our Tried and Tested Professional House Cleaning in Oshawa

Bedroom Cleaning

Without a clean bedroom, you won’t have a good night’s sleep. So, we make sure that everything from your bed to your furniture is perfectly clean. We have trustworthy staffs who will only enter your bedroom to clean the place and leave.

House cleaning Durham | Rachel McAdams
professional house cleaning Durham | Rachel McAdams

Living Room Cleaning

With our house cleaning service, you can keep your living room clean all the time. We will make sure the cushions or your sofas are set. The showpieces are dusted and displayed. All your furniture will be dusted and the floor will be vacuumed.

Bathroom Cleaning

A clean bathroom is important for maintaining your health. Your toilet, bathtubs, shower, and sink will be scrubbed clean and sanitized. Other than that, bathroom cabinets will be cleaned and only required items will be kept. You can ask for only bathroom cleaning service from us.

Bathroom Cleaning Durham| Rachel McAdams
Kitchen cleaning Durham | Rachel McAdams

Kitchen Cleaning

Any mess made in the kitchen can be cleaned by us. Oil stains are common in the kitchen. We will make sure to remove them. All electrical kitchen appliances including the microwave and oven will be cleaned. Lastly, the floor will be vacuumed in the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can ask for regular house cleaning or occasional cleaning according to your requirements. In case of maid services, we recommend our clients to choose regular service.

All our maids in Oshawa are fully insured and checked to make sure you won’t have to worry about these things.

It depends on the number of rooms your home has. Our average cleaning time is one hour for every room.

Not necessarily. If you have time, you can be present during the cleaning. Otherwise, our professional house cleaners excel at doing a good job irrespective of whether someone is present or not. But if you are a first-timer, it would be better if someone is present to show the ropes.

No. A lot of homes tend to have pets. Our request is to make sure that your pet is kept in one place to avoid any kind of accident or injury.

Squeeky Clean cleaning service is the go-to maid service provider for all homes in Oshawa, where we have gained the reputation of providing satisfactory services.

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