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Create A Warm Atmosphere in Your Home with Maid Service in Durham

Most people, on average, staying in Durham are working and they leave their homes early in the morning. With our professional maid service, you can rest assured that by the time you come home, you will get a warm atmosphere welcoming you. From living room to bathroom cleaning, we do it all.

Our affordable house cleaning service is tailored according to your suitability. We will provide our services the way you need them. Hiring our house cleaning services in Durham will help you save a lot of effort and time. Not only that, we have an open line of communication where you can let us know about your concerns and dissatisfaction, if any. But we assure you that we always go the extra mile to meet your expectations.

bathroom cleaning Durham
Satisfied Clientele

Satisfied Clientele

We strive to give 100% satisfaction to all our clients.

Remarkable Professionalism

Remarkable Professionalism

We provide every service with extreme professionalism.

Detail-Oriented Cleaning

Detail-Oriented Cleaning

We take care of every little detail during the house cleaning.

Residential Cleaning Service For all In Durham

Kitchen Cleaning

You can now have an everlasting clean kitchen for your home with our cleaning service in Durham. While using the kitchen regularly is a given, it is also important that you clean the kitchen regularly. So, we will make sure to clean the floor, cabinets, shelves, stoves, microwave and all the other appliances present in the kitchen.

Kitchen cleaning Durham | Rachel McAdams
Bathroom Cleaning Durham| Rachel McAdams

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning can take a lot of time and may not become clean fully if not done professionally. Our professional bathroom cleaning will make your bathroom shine from every corner. We will wash and sanitize the bathtub, toilet and sink in the bathroom along with the floor.

Living Room Cleaning

From light fixtures to the sofa sets, we will dust everything in the living room. The floors will be vacuumed and the windows will be shined. Our house cleaning is done to make your living room always guest ready.

professional house cleaning Durham | Rachel McAdams
House cleaning Durham | Rachel McAdams

Bedroom Cleaning

With regular bedroom cleaning, you can avoid the growth of mould and bacteria in your space. We will also dust the beds and change the sheets. Apart from that, we will clean the light fixtures, fans, switchboards and other furniture in your bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The cost of cleaning your house will depend on the area of the house and the kind of cleaning you need.

Unless you opt for laundry service, it won’t be included in the residential cleaning.

Make sure there are no belongings lying on the floor or it will slow down the cleaning process. Furthermore, it will prevent you from losing them.

Not necessarily. We will carry our own cleaning supplies. If you require us to use a particular product for some reason, you can let us know.

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