About Us

About Squeeky Clean

We, started the business back in the year 2004, when the never ending love for cleaning our home turned into passion and eventually into a full grown business, so we started this so others could have the experience of someone else doing what they dread, CLEANING. Knowing what hectic lives that we live, cleaning takes a back seat from all the ciaos in our lives, therefor health issues begin to happen because we do not have the time to fully clean. A good percentage of health issues can be caused by pollen and dust lingering in our home.

Linda Pineo, founder and CEO of Squeeky Clean Cleaning had know idea how fast this company would expand after a year and a half was astonished to find how fast word of mouth traveled and now is even more excited to help others with the idea of a clean home is a happy home. There has been no stopping us since then, and every single day we have been growing exponentially.



We at squeaky cleaning, take care of all your cleaning needs and provide housekeeping services for your home’s and condos. We offer you a wide variety of your cleaning needs at your doorstep.


To provide the one stop solution for all your house cleaning needs in an easy and friendly manner, so that you get ample of free time to explore new things in life and experience life like never before. We at squeeky cleaning, take pride in helping you in the best and easy possible manner so much that we make sure that you only call us when you have house cleaning in mind.


As our professionalism only developed through passion, we still thrive on that same innocent passion to make sure that we deliver a clean home every time. We at SQUEEKY CLEAN CLEANING, wish to leave you with the best possible experience so that your home is a happy and clean one and you can pass your experience on to others.


PASSIONATE is the only word that describes us best. We have a dedicated team of young and enthusiastic professional, who under the supervision and guidance of our passionate founder, LINDA PINEO are always at your disposal in a manner which suits you the best. We at SQUEEKY CLEANING, work with only one motto, ‘ A Squeeky Clean home is a Happy home.

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